Why the boss needs an iPad

Over the last few weeks I have been struggling with the notion of getting and iPad. The practical person says, it’s just another toy. The finance person says where is the justification. The technologist says your a software company and need to understand it.

But the practical person won with the idea that I just can’t keep up with the organizations need for useful content for website, news, blogs, Twitter, linked in, facebook, you name it we use it all.

I justified it based on the notion that I can create content where and when I the think of it.

And guess what, over the last 3 days of travel I have managed to write in airplanes, airport terminals, waiting rooms and more.

I am pleased to say my hunch that iPad would improve my content productivity is actually correct.

You will never guess where I am now as I create this blog…..

Under the covers waiting for my 2 year old to finally fall asleep so I can go down the dinner…

We have all been there I suspect….