Diploma of Project Management (BSB51413)

Recently I started working with Lou Marks of the Institute of management who provided a consolidated list of the subjects within this Diploma and by setting up a spreadsheet using the training elements provided by the Australian governments training website, I was able to map steps with our current Project management methodology to the elements of competency within this Diploma course.

Why is that important .?

As a supplier its important to our customers that we provide PM services using the best available PMBOK methodologies available to us at a given point in time, and to periodically compare your companies procedures to what is at that time “best practice” is a healthy discipline and self check.

Secondly PM courses are provided as a basis of knowledge for people who will then apply that knowledge in many different fields, and having a direct comparison of the course outline to the procedures used by a software company performing software project implementations is of benefit when recruiting and inducting new project managers brought into the organisation periodically.

References:  training.gov.au

Part 1

Part 2


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