AICD – New Website usability Workshop

Great idea to invite website visitors to test usability, I have used the AICD website in the past and found navigation a little challenging, which as a website visitor I accepted in the past given there was a lot of information to convey.

The testing was using Optimal Workshop software to go through a the possible menu structures AICD is considering.

Whilst completing the test I used a video to record keystrokes, as a test subject I guess I was ideal as its late in the day (9pm) already had dinner and a glass of wine, and the biggest issue was the number of menu items at the first level because the sample navigation didn’t give me a way to remember where menu items were and to then be able to compare them for relevance, I found myself opening, closing and reopening main menu items trying compare sub menus for relevance to the question asked.

The user is doing this comparison for two reasons:

  1. To try to match the selected menu closely to the question at the top
  2. To find the most suitable match

NOTE: As a tester I was trying to make the match as close as possible as I was trying to provide as accurate result as possible, whereas in a real scenario the user would have in mind what they are after and just click around till they found what best matched.

The second problem is there is to many options on the menu, so the user is sliding up/down and returning to parent menu tree trying to make the best choice, whereas in real life the user would just click on a few items and see how suitable they were. Perhaps a navigational Ux facility that allowed the user to see and compare menu options is needed. ALSO: If this was my site I would also be concerned how this many menu items would translate to mobile devices.

Here are the videos, so you can see the indecision of the user for yourself.

Hope this helps with navigational selections.


Clever Ux Design Practices in your Web Projects

Today web applications and website designers must allow for a wider variety of devices and a wider variety of people access and using Web based applications from an ever increasing number of mobile and desk top devices. Added to this the user has less patience and higher expectations of what your website will provide them in the small space of time you have before they loose interest and click away.
Successful business operators understand the importance of clever web design in the building of their overall digital strategy and will attribute the success or failure of internet based services within their companies operations strategy to the effective use user-centric Ux Design.

Its no longer sufficient just to have appealing colors, fonts, images, user interfaces must be designed to serve the user needs, and companies need to have an ongoing digital strategy that builds and retains the digital assets as an institutionalized capability that the company can use for competitive advantage now and into the future.

Please feel free to open a Sample copy of a presentation on the Institutionalization of Usability practices.

Most companies are still on the journey to finding a preferred level of investment in the preservation of this as an “inhouse” capability, but its an important topic that is getting a lot of attention.