Salesforce acquires Quip – Personal Cloud even more important

While the Quip founders are undoubtedly enjoying a period of relief after securing their outcome in what will of been a tense period of negotiation, the rest of us that use the Quip service are wondering what this will mean to our digital assets stored in the Quip platform.


We place a significant amount of trust in the company’s behind these cloud services when we invest large portions of our our time and energy transforming and transferring our information into their platforms. Whenever a company is merged, we then must consider if, in a period of time, the platform will change its costs, storage limits, functionality or convenience factor, to the point where we may need to find an alternative.

Remember this ?

How can we forget the email from Microsoft that many of us received in June 2016, that opened with:


The question that emerges from this latest announcement is therefore what does this mean, will the merging of these two firms result in better service, will it change, will it’s cost benefit change?

I believe the answer is that we all need to start taking ownership of our digital world, leaving it purely in the hands of cloud service providers is naive.  Companies such as smikbox, Qnap, Synology have been providing NAS technology for some time that is becoming an essential addition to our lifestyles. The latest breed of Smart NAS (Network Access Storage Devices) are just as comfortable in your home as in a business. More importantly these devices can be used to synchronize, backup, replicate and provide remote access to your files and data, They can be used to download your information from the cloud service providers so its always available and backed up in your home.

If your cloud provider changes the pricing plans, makes changes to the service that no longer suit you, or simply goes out of business you have your information replicated in your Personal Cloud.

Therefore you should:

Go ahead, use all the best these Cloud services providers have to offer, just keep it synchronized in your Personal Cloud.

With this in place you have peace of mind that you will be able to adapt or change to suit the prevailing circumstances or technologies that are ahead, without having to frantically delete, move and or restructure information you have accumulated over your lifetime because your circumstances have changed.

QNAP, Western Digital , Synology provide DIY models through local distributors that you set up yourself or you can go to smikbox for their pre-configured NAS, which arrives fully set up ready to go with a lot of additional software installed for no extra cost.