How to use Social Media to Market Your Business

You can consume hours working through the many on line blogs, videos and resources available on line to help you make the most of Social media and if you have looked at enough of these you eventually come to the conclusion (as have I) that the very best strategies usually involve the creation of good content. So Blogs, social media posts must contain information that other people will get value from using.

If you have already tried your hand at writing “good content” you will of also realized that it takes time. Time that you must weigh up in value against time spent on “real work”. Talking to customers, colleagues and performing tasks is what pays the bills, so for most going through the time and effort needed to build and maintain a social media presence is prohibitive.

It was this truth that lured me in to watch a Video from Guy Kawasaki video where he explained the process he uses which considering he has a following of over 5 million people is obviously working (for him at least).

He also makes mention that this procedure consumes about 2-3 hours of his time daily (which most of us probably can’t justify), and he has the assistance¬†2 x full time equivalent people helping him.

However there are some elements that use mortals could use, and I have downloaded and tested some of the software programs he suggested to try the Guy Kawasaki technique for myself for a few months.

In the video he demonstrates the process he uses to repost suitable content that is appropriate for his brand and uses the process shown below.